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Article Marketing For Newbies

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From the Desk of: Stuart Stirling


Dear Friend,

 You've heard everyone talk about how easy Article Marketing is, but you just don't know where to start. You've even probably read about it, but you want someone to take you by the hand and how you how do it step by step.

 We'll now you can...

 Introducing Article Marketing for Newbies Video Series


Article Marketing For Newbies


In this video series, you will learn what you need to get started, how to take dull and boring private label articles and make them so exciting that you stand out! It doesn't matter if you didn't take writing classes. What matters is you have the drive to succeed.

Ready for more? You'll also learn quick tips to finding profitable affiliate programs that you can promote along with your articles.

Whether you want to build your list, promote your own product or service, or promote someone else's product, then this video series is a “must see” for you.

 Are you REALLY serious about taking control of increasing your targeted traffic with Article Marketing?

 In this video series, you'll learn the shortcuts you need to get your articles to start driving traffic to your website. The videos are straight to the point because who wants long videos that go on and on; and end up wasting your time? Seriously?

Here is what you'll learn when you watch these 6 videos:


Getting Started: What is Article Marketing?


Before you get started with anything, it's a good habit to know what it's about. So in this video, you'll learn just that and how Article Marketing can boost your Search Engine Rank and save you time in the long run. Article Marketing is such a great way to get exposure for your product, an affiliate product, or to build your list!


Tools You Need Before You Get Started

Before you get started, you will need to know what topic you will be writing on as well as how you will find the content for the articles. It's often the case that writer's block keeps you from knowing what to write on. You often sit and stare at the computer, trying to figure it out. But you'll learn a few methods that will allow you to bypass this by using private label articles and how to find them. You'll also learn what you need to find profitable affiliate programs.


How to Re-Write PLR Articles Quickly


As I mentioned earlier, PLR Articles give you a foundation to jump over writer's block. Finding private label articles is an easy task, however taking the usual factual and dull articles and adding spice to them is a different task. You see there is a trick to re-writing PLR articles because while you want to re-use these articles, you will want to write them in a way that it represents you as the writer as well...and you'll learn more about that later. So, this is your time to use the exciting article as a preselling tool!


Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs to Promote


By now, you realize that the article is used as a preselling method. This means so far you've gained the trust of the reader. If you can find profitable affiliate programs to promote that deal with the subject matter of the article, then you can increase the conversion rates of the reader buying the product. In this video, you'll learn a several step process to doing just that, along with a few tricks and shortcuts that can keep you ahead of your competition.


Creating an Irresistible Resource Box


After reading the article, the reader will want more! You've gained their trust by giving them something valuable that will solve their problems. But now they will want to know about you, the writer. Creating a resource box that is short and sweet will allow you to build your credibility as well as drive traffic to your site, your free report, free video, and more. This is where you get the one way back links or traffic to your website. So don't forget to add this part in!

Marketing your Articles


While most of your time should be spent on the marketing end, it doesn't need to take such a long time. In fact submitting your articles to article directories can be very time consuming and there are many sites out there that take articles. Which ones are most effective? We'll talk about Article Marketer, EzineArticles, ArticleDashboard, and much more.

You see some sites allow you to have direct links to affiliates link whereas some shun this idea totally. Knowing all of this beforehand will allow you to be equipped with the knowledge you need to stay ahead.

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Stuart Stirling

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